My 25th Birthday Wishlist

Where are all my Aries at? My birthday is on the 5th so I thought it would be fun to share what on my birthday wishlist with you guys. If you know me, then you know that I can become a little obsessive when it comes to my birthday. Even though I am not too pumped about getting older, I am so excited for the month long celebration of my birthday to commence (yes, I truly do celebrate my birthday for the entire month of April)! 

I’ve rounded up some of my current craves, mainly for my mom and boyfriend ;), but i thought that i would share my wishlist on here as well. I’ve been traveling a lot more this year, so I included in my wishlist some really great functional travel items that I’ve had my eye on for a while now. My list is also more spring-geared with a couple thing that can be transitioned from winter to spring. I love this these brown sling back heels and aviator sunnies for spring!

Have you guys tried any of these products out before?! Let me know if you love them as much as I think I will haha. I also added a couple more items to my wishlist down below in my Shop The Post section. Thanks for reading!



  1. April 9, 2018 / 12:30 pm

    The Watermelon Glow Mask is EVERYTHING! I use it at least once a week as a sleep mask and occasionally as a 10-minute mask for a little bit up a plump up and glow and I swear I’m never going back. Have you tried the new Watermelon moisturizer they’ve put out? I haven’t yet but I’m dying to — especially if it smells as yummy as this mask does! Enjoy your birth month, my fellow April babe!

  2. April 9, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    Love your bday wish list, I’m eyeing on that Gucci bag too! Live your blog!

  3. April 9, 2018 / 12:33 pm

    These are all awesome items! I’ve been dying to try that line of watermelon skincare!

  4. April 9, 2018 / 12:33 pm

    Aries girl here too 😀 April 17th love the items thanks for sharing

  5. April 9, 2018 / 12:40 pm

    I love the platform wedge sandals! I just broke my summer wedges this weekend so I’m in the market for some sundress worthy heels.

  6. April 9, 2018 / 12:54 pm

    Some cool items! We also sell the mule mugs at my store. 🙂 I love the necklace especially, it simple, yet ornate at the same time.

  7. April 9, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    Omg, I want that Gucci bag too! Haha

  8. April 9, 2018 / 1:25 pm

    Hapy Birthday for the 5th!! Just looking at your wishlist I can definitely tell that you have a style. Did you get much of what you wanted? I hope you had a mega day!

  9. April 9, 2018 / 11:39 pm

    These are some pretty fun birthday gifts! I hope you get some of them. I like the shoes and eyeshadow pallet.

  10. April 9, 2018 / 11:39 pm

    These are some pretty fun birthday gifts! I hope you get some of them. I like the shoes and eyeshadow pallet.

  11. April 10, 2018 / 12:41 am

    Happy birthday! Love those copper mugs. Soooo pretty!

  12. April 10, 2018 / 6:51 am

    Happy birthday! I love your wish list, and hope you have an amazing month of celebrations ❤

  13. April 10, 2018 / 9:45 am

    The bag and wallet would be a huge YES on my list too!

  14. April 10, 2018 / 1:02 pm

    The Watermelon sleeping mask looks amazing!!! Also, the shoes are super cute! I hope you can get some of these things!

  15. April 10, 2018 / 3:27 pm

    Awesome choices! Happy Birthday to you!!

  16. April 10, 2018 / 5:43 pm

    The watermelon sleeping mask and LED makeup mirror are on my list too! You have good taste, lady.

  17. April 10, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    The mug, palette and Gucci wallet all have beautiful colors! I love them.
    I’m starting to think of having my own wish list and including these.

  18. April 10, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    I hve this palette and I LOVE it! It can create so many different looks. Regarding the tin cups and the Glow Recipe night mask, I’m seeing them everywhere and I want them too!

  19. April 10, 2018 / 7:56 pm

    What a great and cool wishlist! Happy birthday!

  20. April 11, 2018 / 11:37 am

    Happy Birthday. The watermelon glow mask looks amazing. I have the Anastasia pallet and I am in love with it.

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